Setting up a library iPad program

Just came across this create article about a successful iPad program that has been implemented in a school. Whilst they may have more resources on hand than any of us do, they have some great tips & strategies for managing the devices. My school has only 6 iPads at the moment & I am exploring the best options for their use & management.

Article by Sara Q. Thompson

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Book Raps and Book Blogs

I have just added a link to a site regarding the following information through your Diigo, but I thought I would elaborate a little more.

This is just something to keep in mind when you are learning how to create your own Blogs in the coming weeks with Virginia and Michelle.

I have just come back from 2 day conference on learning technologies in SYD- one of the sessions I attended was facilitated by the TL from Wiley Park PS Gill Maugle and the Assistant Principal Miss Robyn Bush on  ‘Book Raps and Book Blogs’

See Roby’s blog sharing the background information on this project

Gill has kindly shared all her programs and links to syllabus outcomes/ resources / teaching ideas and how to integrate ICLT into this unit! Massive amount of material here.
This link takes you to her past raps

And this one takes you to her most recent one which was based around the book titled ‘Fearless’   2010 book week shortlisted book

The whole idea was that the rap was shared through a central blog – she also purchased a stuffed toy that resembled ‘Fearless’ who has spent his time travelling to each of the schools that were involved in the rap with the students documenting his experiences through the blog. I know this is nothing new- we all remember Projects like the ‘Teddy Bear Project  etc’ which were run through email contacts.
Though the  blog offers far greater learning opportunities and potential for collaboration. You may with to use her existing unit based around ‘Fearless’ as a starter – and run this on whatever scale you are comfortable. This may be run at a school level or you may wish to connect with a couple of schools within your cluster –

They are starting another book rap and blog around the 2011 Book week theme and this will begin in August so keep your eyes  on her blog for more details.

OR someone from our diocese may wish to initiate our own DOW rap.

This is all food for thought- but what a great way to advocate your library in terms of how you are engaging with contemporary learning tools such as blogs and all the additional web 2.0 tools that could be then incorporated into your blogs- (which you will learn about through Virginia and Michelle) to support student outcomes.
I will be happy to assist in any way possible.

I would love to hear your thoughts.

Remember – a blog is a two-way communication tool- someone posts something offering others the opportunity to respond. So have a voice and lets hear your thoughts!

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Dynamic and Flexible Learning Environments

Below is a link to the article Belinda referred to in her presentation on the various learning spaces within your learning areas. Linking_Pedagogy_and_Space

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SLIM – School Library Impact Measure

Student Learning through Inquiry Measure (SLIM)

Resources to implement  School Library Impact Measure

SLIM Reflection Instruments(2)

SLIM_toolkit Handbook


Kim White from Ingleburn has made available her resources that she designed for her Action Research

Initial reflections



School Libraries, Now More Than Ever- CISSL Position Paper

Click image to access this article

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Inquiry into school libraries and teacher librarians in Australian schools

As we are all well aware the Inquiry is again up and running.

Click on image to access website directly

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Interactive Whiteboards and their place in the Library

I recently sent you an email regarding the on-line  Professional Learning opportunities offered through YSL (Your School Library) . One of the presentations focused on the use of Interactive whiteboards within the library.

You can access this Voicethread presentation at

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What librarians make

Interesting reading and viewing

Click here to access article from the School Library Journal

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