Setting up a library iPad program

Just came across this create article about a successful iPad program that has been implemented in a school. Whilst they may have more resources on hand than any of us do, they have some great tips & strategies for managing the devices. My school has only 6 iPads at the moment & I am exploring the best options for their use & management.

Article by Sara Q. Thompson

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One Response to Setting up a library iPad program

  1. Kim says:

    Great article, V! Can’t wait for the possibilities of using a set of of ipods/ipads in the school library. The management/longevity of model is definitely something to decide on before purchasing. I have been using in the Public Library setting and they are so engaging for users. Being mobile is also very effective, I like the idea of having an ipad as our school OPAC, we’ll see. Another option may be netbooks, exposure to lots of different operating systems is something I think is useful to students, no matter what age.

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