Ideas for Action Research Projects

Some TL’s have contacted me asking for ideas for Action Research projects they could do within the Library. The following DET site shares many of examples on the types of Action Research projects that  you could possibly undertake in the library and links to some great articles.

I suggest looking through these to see what would work within your library and the context of your own schools students/staff etc.

I strongly encourage you to have a conversation with your Prinicpal to inform them of your desire and interest in engaging in this sort of project.

Again another form of advocacy!

Syba Signs Seminar – Nov 2010

Dr Ross Todd and Lyn Hay kindly made accessible their presentations from last Friday. Although Colleen will be feeding back to the group and furthering the discussion around these topics it is well worth looking at these two presentations in particular.

SYBA November 2010 Dr Ross Todd

Lyn Hay School Libraries 21C By Lyn Hay


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