Book Week 2011

If anyone would like to create a post for the blog on Book Week you are most welcome.

A couple of Book Week characters!

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QR Codes

TRY reading this!

QR stands for – QUICK RESPONSE

QR Codes can hold information such as url’s, text, GEO coordinates, phone numbers, SMS etc. These codes are beginning to be used in a whole range of environments today eg shop front displays, catalogues, libraries on business cards and much more.

For information on how to read these codes I suggest clicking on the following link and this will take you directly to Jeanette Davies Oliver library support page.

Jeanette has provided a range of links to suitable apps that enable you to be able to read these QR codes from both Mac computers and mobile learning devices eg iPhone ipads.

One of my favourite QR generators is

My favourite QR readers for iPhone or ipod touch is QR Reader or Qrafter (both are free apps)

Here is a link to a wonderful blog entry and links to a QR CODE TREASURE HUNT GENERATOR

CLICK on this image below to access 40 interesting ways to use QR codes in the classroom

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Want to join our Diigo Group

Diigo Groups

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Protecting an Endangered Species

This is a very interesting article from the the recent issue of ‘Education Review’ titled ‘Protecting an Endangered Species’

Interesting read. Click on image to view article.

Please feel free to post comment.

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Are School Librarians Expendable?

A very interesting debate from the New York Times Opinion pages

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BER Library Learning Spaces

Within our Diocese the BER program has provided us with numerous dynamic new Library Learning Spaces. We have visited a few  throughout the year -just to name a few Dapto, Unanderra and Picton who have kindly volunteered these spaces to host either a PD session or a network meeting. I am really interested to hear  TL’s comments, reflections and observations on the impact these new spaces have had within their school community.

Have you noticed any changes in teachers and or students in how they engage with your new library learning spaces.

I would also be interested to hear if these spaces have transformed the way you work and operate in supporting teachers and students within your schools.

This is a good opportunity to share some of your observations and open this discussion to the TL network. I am hoping that through this discussion we can generate some innovative ideas and ways to continue to engage teachers and students with these dynamic new learning spaces.

So have your say….

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Inter-Diocesan PL Day 2011

Sydney and Wollongong Dioceses – combining to provide a professional learning opportunity.

Click on image below to download flyer

This invitation is open to all Teacher Librarians and interested library personnel.

Recommended Pre-reading

Mal has suggested the following article as pre-reading will be referring to it throughout his presentation. Click on image to download reading

We are looking forward to the day and more details will be added to this post as we get closer to the date.


Mal Lee is an educational consultant and author specialising in the development of digital schools. Mal has written a very interesting article titled  ‘A library without books?’

Mal explains that  “the question is a vital one. Indeed it wouldn’t be too dramatic to say the question relates ultimately to your continued employment.”

To read the full article click on the image below

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